Our Parents

Parent Power

It can be as daunting for parents of children starting at a new school to ease into school life as it is for their offspring. At AKIS, we are fortunate enough to have a very active and supportive parent body who integrate into and enrich the life of the School.

The AKIS is a non-profit-making organisation to which all parents and staff are automatically members. The AKIS is the beating heart of the School and draws the entire School community together. The AKIS organises some of the most anticipated annual events in the School. The AKIS also organises and supports school-specific activities, such as an own plant flowers show, Art show Spring Concert and Staff Appreciation Days. Elsewhere, the AKIS works with the Sports Department as needed, helping to organise parent volunteers and host families for visiting teams. Finally, the AKIS offers each departing student a leaver's gift as a memento of their time spent at school.

Our aim is to promote community spirit by organising activities and events for all to join in and enjoy, and by so doing we even manage to raise additional funds for the good of the School.

We would love to help you in any way we can by sharing knowledge and insider information so please feel free to get in touch to find out more. Please visit our website at: www.akints.com or contact us via Email: contactusakis@gmail.com