Personal Care

A Caring Environment

At the AKIS, we want your child to be happy and successful in that order. Our paramount concern is that pupils integrate fully and quickly into school life and enjoy their time with us. Our pastoral care is second to none and supports every pupil's academic and learning life throughout the School. It is one of the clear differentiators of anAKIS education and underpins the School's overall approach to teaching and learning.


The whole KG and Junior meets at least once a month for an assembly and there is a programme of separate weekly assemblies for the Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils. While assemblies cater for a whole school approach to pastoral care and discipline, the ethos of the school is set around 'Golden Rules' which encompass all class and recreation time. Kindness, concern and respect for others are expected principles which are reinforced during Class Circle and Golden Time helping children in their personal and social development.

All teachers are aware of the diverse cultural backgrounds and linguistic abilities of many of our children, and adjust their teaching methods accordingly so that all children are able to access the work being introduced. In this, they are well-supported by the Head of EAL (English as an additional language), who provides advice on teaching methods and suitable resources, while also monitoring pupils progress.


The pastoral system in the Seniorsis specially tailored so that each and every student is encouraged to make the very most of their time at the AKIS. Within each year group students are divided into small tutor groups, led by an individual tutor. The tutor's role is to take an overview of every individual student's progress in all areas. An experienced tutors care for the student body and provide an essential link between pupil, teacher and parent. Tutors are always a parent's first point of contact with the School. The respective Heads of Year oversee the tutors and work alongside the Head of Pastoral Care, ensuring that a cohesive and comprehensive care system is in place and that a relevant programme of pastoral experiences are delivered.

An exemplary pastoral system in the senior school provides highly effective support and guidance for all guidance for all pupils, creating a safe, secure and inclusive environment. Tutors know their pupils extremely well and provide each individual with appropriate support and guidance Personal, Social and Health Education (PHSE) is an integral part of the AKIS curriculum and each year group has two 30 minute periods timetabled every week. Each tutor is responsible for presenting the programme under the guidance of the Head of PHSE.